Top Twenty Science Fiction Fantasy Stories Featuring the Deaf

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Urus Noellor–a boy born deaf who is about to be publicly branded as a burden, incapable of being the warrior his people demand–stands upon a rooftop, poised to throw himself over the edge. His failed attempt at suicide unlocks within him a long-dormant form of magic thought to have died out thousands of years before, a power that may be the key to saving the world from an equally ancient enemy. –by Kevin Hoffman

A terror-filled story of one family and their friends, as they struggle to survive in a world overrun by ravenous creatures that hunt purely by sound

Now a major motion picture. – by Tim Lebbon

From haunted Civil War battlefields to a severed ear discovered on a nightly run; from lab-grown dinosaurs to forest creatures that steal away children under the cover of night; from deadly bio-engineered fleas to a burning teenage desire for cybernetic amputations: Deaf and hard of hearing authors from around the world bring you this fun, though oftentimes disturbing, collection of short fiction. by Various Authors

A fantastic adventure following the story of Abbie, a deaf girl with a mysterious power, who is traveling across a vast desert to scatter her mother’s ashes.

It’s about Abbie, who just wants to get to the mountain range called the Potter’s Spine, scatter her mother’s ashes, and then live out her life in sweet, blissful solitude. Unfortunately, everyone she meets wants to whine at her about their woes, tag along on her quest, arrest her for no reason, or blow her to bits. – by Nilah Magruder

Parker and his family share a secret: they can, with the help of advanced technology, communicate between themselves through their thoughts.

And then Parker’s dad, on the cusp of a technological breakthrough, is kidnapped. Thanks to a message his dad sent telepathically before the signal cut off, Parker is suddenly on a rescue mission. Now Parker and Emma, along with their friend Michael and Polly the pig, must confront the only link to their father—a dangerous man locked away in an asylum. But all the signs point to one thing: the company his dad works for is up to something big. Huge. A perfectly sinister project that threatens far more than Parker’s family. A project called SIX. – by M.M. Vaughan


Simon Hunt is a masterful Mage when it comes to knives, solving puzzles, and women. But when a Mageri Councilman asks for a personal favor, his skills are put to the test. He reluctantly accepts the impossible job of training a young Learner who is beyond anyone’s help. She’s beautiful, cunning, and disabled. If he succeeds, he’ll receive a hefty paycheck. But if he fails, more is at stake than merely his reputation. – by Dannika Dark

THE SWEETEST TEMPTATION...Black ops agent Solomon Judah awakens caged and bound in a twisted zoo where otherworlders are the main attraction. Vika Lukas, the owner’s daughter, is tasked with Solo’s care and feeding. The monster inside him yearns to kill her on sight, even though she holds the key to his escape. But the human side of him realizes the beautiful deaf girl is more than she seems—she’s his.

THE ULTIMATE PRICE...Vika endures the captives’ taunts and loathing, hoping to keep them alive even if she can’t free them. Only, Solo is different—he protects her. But as hostility turns to forbidden romance, his feelings for her will be used against him…and he’ll be put to a killer test. – by Gena Showalter

New from the national bestselling author of Moon Awakening 

When Talorc-laird of the Sinclair clan and leader of his werewolf pack- must wed an Englishwoman, he’s shocked to find that she is his mate. Deaf since childhood, Abigail hopes to keep her affliction from Talorc as long as possible, just as he has no intention of telling her that he’s a werewolf. But when Abigail learns that the husband she’s begun to love has deceived her, it will take all his warrior’s strength-and his wolf’s cunning-to win his wife back. – by Lucy Monroe

Long ago, in a small village in the middle of a deep, dark forest, there lived a lonely, deaf girl named Maggie. Shunned by her village because of her disability, her only comfort comes from her vivid imagination. Maggie has a gift for inventing stories and dreams of one day finding her fairy-tale love.

When Maggie meets the mysterious Piper, it seems that all her wishes are coming true. Spellbound, Maggie falls hard for him and plunges headfirst into his magical world. But as she grows closer to the Piper, Maggie discovers that he has a dark side. The boy of Maggie’s dreams might just turn out to be her worst nightmare…  – by Jeff Stokely & Jessica Freeburg

What does it mean to be a hero with a disability in faraway galaxies, other planes, or remote futures? Meet the protagonists of Elm Books’ first science anthology...
A Deafblind spaceship captain chases an extraterrestrial signal into the deepest reaches of space. An autistic girl relegated to a distant moon finds herself in a community of protective machines. Cyborg soldiers pursue a mysterious thief, their malfunctioning prosthetics the only thing keeping them from death. A disabled athlete races a demon of the astral plane. In the big-money gaming world of the future, a blind private eye hunts a vicious murderer. A stowaway with a valuable mechanical arm face death and his past. A mysophobic alien leads a mission to find food for her race. – by Various Authors

Deaf teen David Nickerson’s life is in crisis. His mother has died in a car crash and his sister Sally, now confined to a wheelchair, has mysteriously disappeared.

Desperate to find her, David experiments with sacred crystals and accidentally conjures the supernatural ship, Moon Singer, which transports him through time and space on a magical, fantastic journey. – by B. Roman

A Story from the Enhanced World

Deaf since childhood, Sebastian Armitage had a promising musical future until his dreams were shattered when he transformed at twelve years old. In a world where enhanced humans are terrorized and imprisoned, his life shrinks around him even more as he suffers the torment of his father’s experimental research to enable him to hear. – by Victoria Sue

Ama is a talented, young musician whose life is changed forever when she is kidnapped by bandits and wounded so badly that she loses her hearing. Far from home and newly deafened, Ama discovers that the music she has been learning all her life possesses hidden powers. The music may even be powerful enough to guide Ama home … if she can learn to listen without hearing. – by L.C. Ireland

Book Seven in the Broken World Series…

When Jim ran out of that farmhouse in Forgotten World, not only did he leave the promise of safety behind, but he was sure he was about to meet a horrible end. 

Amira has lived most of her life surrounded by silence, and this new world has dangers lurking around every corner that could mean the end for her. – by Kate L. Mary

Five years ago, Lee Jordan was nearly killed on the job. Now deaf, blind, and mute, he’s recovered enough to live a routine but silent life. However, now, the LAPD needs him back…

When the cases of many missing persons are tied together with the same M.O., Lee Jordan is called in to help locate people who seemingly walked away from their everyday lives. But did they? Lee’s only assets are his guide dog, fourteen years of experience as a homicide detective—and an intriguing American Sign Language translator named Rachel. – by J.R. Rain

She’s no little mermaid, she’s a shapeshifter, who dreams of being a musketeer.

Zehra wants to be a member of that Royal Imperial Guard more than anything in the world. Only one thing stands in her way: the gauntlet challenge. If she’s to succeed in joining her family’s legacy she must defeat a challenger blindfolded in the gauntlet’s final test in front of her family, her crush, and the Emperor himself.
What’s so hard about that?

Zehra just happens to be the first of her kind to be born deaf. – by T.S. Valmond

At Smith Valley, a private school for privileged interstellar youth, everyone is as anonymous as they want to be. No matter their title or family name, students are guaranteed an education and an alias if they choose one. For some, the year at Smith Valley is their only chance to be unknown.

Jenni is an ambassador’s daughter, out to prove she can make it as a deaf student who doesn’t use verbal translators. Her roommate Michiko is from Earth, its limited technology putting her at a disadvantage in a world of space travel and alien cultures. Michiko’s friend Roris uses sign language to help the roommates communicate with each other. – by StarAndrea

An Alliance prison is no place for a deaf teen girl — but Starla doesn’t intend to stick around for long.

Starla Dusai is fifteen, deaf — and being held as an enemy combatant by the Indiran Alliance. Willem Jaantzen is a notorious crime lord about to end a fearsome vendetta — and most probably his life. When he learns his goddaughter has been captured by the Alliance, he understands he’s her only hope. But saving a girl he barely knows means letting his wife’s murderer walk free. Will Jaantzen be able to put aside his anger before Starla’s time runs out? – by Jessie Kwak

SOMETIMES, superheroes are born. Or created. Manufactured. Invented.

THE PLACE: The University of Centre City. THE PEOPLE: Kyler-Scott Brooks, the peacemaker. Allison Tyler, the architect. Marcie Nielson, the passion. Cortez Romero, the wizard. Paxson Haynes, the…something. And TRUSTICE JEFFRIES.


College student.

Superhero. – by Talor Dye

“Children of a Sunless Land” is the first installment in the “Deaf Swordsman Series”.

Told in serial form, the Deaf Swordsman Series is a collection of stories featuring the fantastical deaf swordsman, Vohro Vahllenu. These set of stories is a sprawling epic of good and evil, bringing together the supernatural and weird, featuring dark fantasy adventures sure to resonate with both the hardcore and casual reader of dark fantasy literature. – by R. Janvier Del Valle


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