If You Like Manifest You’ll Love These

Have you been watching NBC’s Manifest? If so, no doubt you’ve got your own theories but while you’re waiting to find out what the riders at NBC have decided to put together as the ultimate answer to the question of what happened to Flight. Perhaps you’d like to read up on some other possibilities.

Here is a writing contest that has been going for years that answers the question posed in the show Manifest. It’s put on by the people of Xprize and here is the premise:

Your flight has been mysteriously transported 20 years into the future. How could this happen? Wait, that’s not important. Take a deep breath. Look around. Without a doubt, the world has changed. What new technologies and innovations have reshaped the way we live?

XPRIZE, ANA and the world’s top science fiction storytellers are embarking on a journey to 2037, envisioning a world transformed by exponential technologies and a global community of innovators.

This is a group of short stories that start off like Manifest and then go off on their own tangents. Click on the link to see how things turned out for various passengers in previous years. Last year’s competition was for seat 14C.

Read the winning story of the passenger in seat 14C here.

I entered a short story of my own for seat 14C but it didn’t win. It’s possible that it’s because it’s a part of a much larger story and it doesn’t have a clear-cut ending. Even though I didn’t win, I still want to complete the story. Seeing Manifest has only fueled my creativity and drive to finish it.

Here’s a link to the short story I wrote here.

What do you think should happen next on Manifest?

Comment below with your wildest theories for the next season.

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