How to leave a product review?

*This topic may seem a little out of the way but stay with me, it all comes back to what we enjoy here, I promise.

Have you ever purchased something without looking at the reviews? If you’re shopping online, I doubt it.

Have you ever considered writing a review yourself? Maybe you’ve said to yourself:

  • It takes too much time.
  • There are already enough reviews for the product.
  • I don’t know how to leave a review.
  • Reviews don’t matter.

We live in a society that runs off of community feedback. That includes, the books we read, the movies we see in the theater, and the television shows we decide to watch.

Perhaps you’ve done the same, looking at the reviews on you favorite website or shopping platform before you buy. Reviews matter.

How do you write a review that doesn’t take so much time?

Start with the stars. Usually, they’ll ask you for a rating of the product. Think about how many stars you want to give them. Take away a star for major things that ruined your experience with the product or service.

Many platforms will let you leave stars without commenting. Take advantage of this option if you simply don’t have anything to say.

What do I say?

If you’ve purchased something like a book, movie, or television series there is no need to summarize the plot. That’s where the product description does the heavy lifting.

Try to say something simple about your experience with the product or service. Avoid using exaggerated phrasing as “trolls” do.

If you can take a selfie you can leave a review.

That being said some people are shy about leaving a review with their picture or a video. Don’t be. You’re showing other potential customers exactly what they’re getting. It also adds credibility to your review since you’re adding an image.

Do reviews really matter that much?

Yes! Where we spend our money and the reviews we leave behind tell authors, movie makers, and television producers what we want. If you’re not purchasing or leaving a review that tells them: “Go back to the drawing board and come up with something we like or my money is staying safely in my pocket.”

This matters, because when you don’t, tragic things happen. Let’s all have a moment of silence for Firefly…

So tell us what you think about reviewing products and services below.

*If you like use 1 out of 5 space ships or dragons.*

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