Virtue & Vengeance

Children of Virtue and Vengeance is the breathtaking sequel to Tomi Adeyemi’s ground-breaking West African-inspired fantasy Children of Blood and Bone.” – Pan Macmillan.

Zélie and Amari have done it! They’ve brought back magic back to their part of the world–Orïsha. But the nobles with magic ancestry, get magic too. This becomes a problem because despite their struggles the maji are still being hunted by the ruling class. Amari’s family is at the center of it all and the more she tries to bring both sides together the further apart they become.

Zélie wants to unite the maji and take the throne but it will require more of her power than she’s ever had to use before and at the moment she doesn’t appear to have much left. With civil war threatening to destroy the kingdom Zélie will have to do something she’s never done before or watch as Orïsha tears itself apart.

This is a heart-gripping story of friendship and family and how our beliefs shape us in ways that supersede everything else. What was striking about this book was how when the characters really dug into their beliefs they accomplished great things but often it was alone.

Some journeys are not meant to be traveled in a group or with a friend. They are meant to be traversed alone and when you are the first to take the journey bring a machete.

As a reader, it was a struggle to ignore some of the poor choices that the characters seemed to make based on their beliefs. Mostly because there seemed to be a lack of understanding and communication on both sides. This added to the feelings of frustration when a simple conversation would clear things up. (However, if people listened as much as they talked we wouldn’t experience half the problems we have today.)

Overall, another great read from Tomi Adeyemi. There’s clearly at least one more book in this series and it’s sure to be another fantastically written story.

*Note: if you’re not listening to the audio, give it a try. The Western African accent by Bahni Turpin is so warm and strong you won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve already read the story what are your theories about what’s coming in the next book?

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