Urban Fantasy Breakdown: The Gifted


One of the best things about starting a new series is choosing the characters you’re going to care about the most. Looking back, (after a binge of two seasons) the first episode seems like a blur.

You are dropped right into the middle of the action from the start. Whenever people are running for their lives, I’m all in. Despite the whirlwind of activity, I knew my favorites from the start. How about you?

Thunderbird and Blink were my favorites from the first scene. Their chemistry was undeniable. *all the hearts* I loved the sight of so many mixed couples with various backgrounds.

Something that I miss between X-Men movies is the feeling of ‘brotherhood,’ that they have at the Xavier School for Gifted Children. This fills that hole and some.

One of the items addressed early on is what do you do when you have abilities but can’t control them. This is usually mentioned at some point but you don’t always get to see the POV of that character in the limited time that a movie runs. This series gives you a good look at the different approaches.

  • Acceptance and then training.
  • Denial and then training.
  • Suppression and then training.

Are you seeing a theme there? Each and every one of them had to practice to get to the suave level of graduate.

If any of you are fans of Alias you’ll recognize Amy Acker from the series. She’s playing the mother and wife of mutants. In Alias, you never saw her back down or be intimidated.

She’s pretty ballsy in this series too. Despite the fact that she’s the only member of her family without abilities, she knows her power and understands her role better than most of the mutants. I’ll admit it was nice to see her playing one of the good guys.

If you are on the fence about this series, keep in mind that the goal was to give you a little X-Men in bite-sized, weekly chunks. I feel that the show was successful and should they continue the story, I would tune in.

How about you? What was your take on the show? Comments are welcome below.