The Mandalorian Chapter 8: Redemption


The episode opens with the child in the custody of two scout troopers played by Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally in the classic style of Tag and Bink from the comics. There’s a nod here during target practice to the horrible aim of troopers in general.

We are at the end of our Mandalorian recaps just in time for the Disney Plus release of the Manadalorian Season 2. If you haven’t seen the trailer. Please go check it out. The link to the official trailer is at the end of this post.

They are discovered by the nurse droid IG-11 after abusing the child they get what they deserve at the hands of the droid.

Now we’re back to our Mandalorian and his team with their backs against the wall and no response from Kuiil in a standoff with the presumed long-dead Moff Gideon. Then the imps start putting together an E-Web a heavy repeating blaster cannon of epic proportions.

If they think they can surprise their enemy, that’s a no-go. They learn from Moff’s beautiful villain speech mentioning each of our heroes by their full given names and histories that he knows exactly how to find them if they’re not interested in negotiating for their lives. Including the Mandalorian who’s real name is Din Djarin.

“Mandalorian isn’t a race, it’s a creed.”

The last and final flashback of the Mandalorian tells us exactly what happened to his parents and him when his town was attacked by robots. He’s lowered into an underground bunker just before they’re killed. His life is almost ended by a robot when he’s saved by a Mandalorian.

The child safe with the IG-11 instead of returning to the ship the bot goes to collect the team, destroying all the stormtroopers in its wake. It’s an impressive show of robotic defense. Reunited with the team, it looks like they’re still outnumbered in the small cantina.

Seriously injured in the battle, the Mandalorian gives Cara the job of taking care of the child and bringing it to Mandalore with his instructions of its status as a foundling.

The child saves them from a firebomb before he passes out. Cara and Greef head into the tunnels while the IG-11 stays behind to see to the Mandalorian’s wounds. Once it is clear that the IG-11 is allowed to see him with his helmet off he lets the robot help him.

The female Mandalorian armorer finds them and tells them of their troubles with the stormtroopers. She reminds him of his duty as Mandalorian to care for the child until he’s of age or reunited with his people. This is the first introduction to the Jedi.

Then she gives him his mudhorn signet on the right pauldron making him the father of his own clan with the child. She also hands him a new Mandalorian jetpack.

They leave the female Mandalorian armorer behind to take care of the remains of the fallen Mandalorians and the stormtroopers who are chasing them.

A river made of lava is their only way out of the tunnels, so they climb aboard the available boat and make their way out. However, they discover the entrance to the tunnels is surrounded by troopers. IG-11 played by the director of this episode, Taika Waititi, makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the Child and them all.

What brings this moment home for those watching is to see the Mandalorian who all along has been distrusting of droids based on his horrific experience with them as a child, turns to plead with the IG-11 to find another way. Great performance by both actors and an amazing full-circle moment for the show.

Of course, even once the imps are destroyed they have to deal with Moff Gideon again who’s got his Outland Tie-Fighter and is firing on them from the sky. There’s no place for them to hide in the open plains so it’s up to Mando to strap on his brand new, untested jetpack and take on Moff head-on. It’s an amazing duel where the Mandalorian eventually brings down the ship and Moff.

The episode ends with the parting of the heroes. Mando for the Child’s people while Greef and Cara stay on Nevarro. The episode ends with the reveal of one of the most iconic items in the Star Wars lore, the Darksaber.

The Darksaber was an ancient and unique black-bladed lightsaber created by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian ever inducted into the Jedi Order, prior to 1019 BBY. To learn more about its history go here to the Wiki page.

Favorite quotes from the episode:

“Hang on, I don’t do the baby thing.” – Cara

“Let’s make the baby do the magic hand thing.” – Greef

What was your favorite part of the finale and what do you most hope to see in season 2?