The Mandalorian Chapter 7: The Reckoning


If there’s one thing we can count on with director Deborah Chow it’s fantastic fight scenes with do or die stakes and and hero’s sacrifice that will bring a tear to your eye.

If you’ve been following along with us on this journey through the series, you’ll be well aware of what kind of stakes we have, when the final four warriors are tasked with protecting this baby with all they’ve got against superior firepower and an enemy known for getting the job done.

Okay, we’re all done with the run-on sentences and superlatives.

(Just kidding, no promises.)

This episode opens up with a message to Mando from his old ‘pal’ Greef Karga. In short, he wants to use the child as bait to rid their city of its current occupation by the ‘Client.’ In exchange, the Mandalorian’s name is cleared with the guild and the child will be safe from the bounty hunter’s guild.

Well, if it sounds like a trap then, we like the way you think. But you know the Mandalorian is going to go. He can’t be on the run forever and the child needs stability and a home.

This episode in short can be summed up as: The Loner, the Fighter, and the Nanny. Not kidding, there are some great, ‘gathering the team’ scenes here that remind you of why we like this universe so much and why these are the only ones that the Mandalorian trusts.

“Pay up, mudscuffers!” – Cara

We have the return of Carasynthia Dune, or Cara the Alderaanian who served as a shock trooper in the Alliance. She also helped Mando save a small fishing village from doglike Klatooinian raiders, thugs, and an AT-ST. In a fight, he knows she’s one of the best and equal to the task of defending an innocent.

Then we return to get Kuiil the Ugnaught because he’s going to need someone to watch the child during the fight. He also mentions that the child doesn’t appear to be ‘strand cast’ which is a genetically engineered being. This terminology is new to the Star Wars universe but may be indicative of the cloning idea that seems to be popping up all over the place. Let’s keep track of it and see if it comes up again.

“None will be free until the old ways are gone forever.” – Kuiil

We discover Kuiil reprogrammed the IG-11 assassin droid that Mando shot down when it tried to kill the child all the way back in episode one. The montage here of the IG-11’s domestic training is priceless. There are no words. Unfortunately, the droid and Kuiil are a package deal so he’s forced to take them both despite his distrust of the droid. Of course, Mando insists it stay with the ship rather than bringing it to any of the negotiations.

When they finally meet up with Greef Karga and three other bounty hunters in a remote location it’s an awkward meeting filled with distrust on both sides, but because of what’s at stake they agree to walk into Nevarro together.

That evening they camp out side and discuss their strategy. Basically, they’ll be bringing the child as bait to the table with the client before they kill him. Guarded by only four troopers, it should be easy.

If you’re thinking right about now, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” then you’re a true fan and I won’t keep you in suspense.

Then out of nowhere, flying beasts attack their camp and make off with one of the bounty hunters entirely and a blurrg, while seriously wounding Greef. However, before he can die of the venomous bite from the beast, the child heals him with the Force before promptly passing out. Because it takes a lot of out of the poor little guy and he needs to sleep in order to recuperate.

(He’s not the only one who needs a nap after a hard day, don’t judge.)

This Force-healing is also introduced, setting up what we see in The Last Skywalker. When they reach the border of Navarro the next day, the bounty hunters turn on the Mandalorian and his people, as suspected preparing to take the child by force and deliver him over. But in a not so surprising twist, Greef shoots down the remaining bounty hunters then admits he was in on it, until the child saved his life.

To our delight, the Mandalorian has a plan. They’ll bring a decoy pram to the negotiation sending the Ugnaught Kuiil back to the ship for the child’s protection. The Mandalorian will allow himself to be captured by Cara (i.e. Chewie in the New Hope) so that he can get close to the Client and kill him. Sounds like a solid plan until they’re found out and the child is captured anyway.

Glossing over a few of the details here, we end this chapter at the stand-off between Mando and his two companions against a team of Death Troopers who kill the Client but who are led by none other than the infamous Moff Gideon. He arrives in a Tie-Fighter with wings that fold.

If you’ve never seen that before, it’s because it may be based on concept art that’s only just now being used. Thank you, Doug Chang. The town is filled with Imps and it looks like this is the end. 

Favorite quotes from this episode

“Trust me. Nothing can go wrong.” – Greef

“He’s trying to eat me!” – Greef

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