The Mandalorian Chapter 6: The Prisoner


In Chapter 6 of the Mandalorian, directed by the amazing Rick Famuyiwa, Mando gets roped into pulling a job with some of his old crew. What’s fuzzy at the beginning of this episode is why exactly he reached out to “Ran” Ranzar Malk (played by Mark Boone Jr.) in the first place. Maybe he’s running low on currency again after overpaying the mechanic in the last episode. Whatever the reason he’s only allowed to come back, no questions asked, because of the Razor Crest.

Mando’s ship, we learn, is perfect for this particular job because it’s off the grid and unregistered to either the Imperial or New Republic. Their job is to spring his ex-girlfriend Xi’an’s brother Qin from a New Republic prison as they’re both members of this new and revised crew.

Ran tells the Mandalorian that Mayfeld (Bill Burr, born today) is in charge of the mission. Mayfeld introduces the Mandalorian to his other associates. The crew is made up of lots of muscle and few brains. The actors behind the make-up however are all stellar.


This isn’t a favorite episode for two reasons. One, someone drops the baby. Not cool!

Two someone shoots Matt Lanter. Two things that cannot be tolerated by this viewer.

So let’s skip to the fun and interesting facts section:

This is one like the other chapters of the Mandalorian used cutting edge video game technology to create the world around the sets they used, making the spaces look and feel like real locations.

For more on how this is done check out the Star Wars website here. The great thing for the directors is that they got to see their chapters of the story played out in a video-game-like style before putting actors in their places and running through each scene.

Thank you to the creators of Fortnite (not a sponsor of this post) for bringing the code to the table so the directors could bring us the amazing western sci-fi look to the show using Stage Craft.

Who were the brains behind that whole thing?

More than we can name but we’ll try.
“Jon Favreau, executive producer Dave Filoni, and DP Greig Fraser joined forces with ILM, Epic Games (maker of the Unreal Engine), and production technology partners Golem Creations, Fuse, Lux Machina, Profile Studios, NVIDIA, and ARRI to unlock this innovative achievement.” – Star Wars News

Three of the directors of the Mandolorian chapters make an appearance as fighter pilots see if you can spot them.


Ran to Mando: “Is that you under that bucket?”

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