The Mandalorian Chapter 5: The Gunslinger


I can bring you in warm. Or I can bring you in cold.

We’re back to it folks! We’re continuing to look back over each episode of the Mandalorian. I know some of you just need an excuse to watch it again.

We took a break for the A-Z challenge last month and we hope you enjoyed it. Now we’re back to Chapter 5.

After getting into it with another bounty hunter in a starfighter. Winning the fight and losing an engine the Mandalorian is forced down to the nearest desert planet. The dessert planet should be very familiar by now but watching this the first time, you might have missed that this is Tatooine.

He is cleared to land by the Mos Eisley tower. From there he proceeds to a mechanic that goes by the name of Peli Motto, played by Amy Sedaris (At Home with Amy Sedaris). The first ones to welcome him are her bumbling but helpful droids three DUM-series pit droids. The Mandalorian quickly dismisses them with his gun and comes to an agreement with Peli promising he’s good for the rest of the credits he owes her.

While he’s out, Peli begins repairs. She hears the child crying and discovers him on the ship and decides to feed and look after him.

The Mandalorian enters a cantina (yes, that same cantina where Obi-Wan and Luke went in the original Star Wars movie). There he meets Toro Calican, who’s sitting in the same place where Han sat in the first Star Wars movie. He offers the Mandalorian a job. Calican wants help capturing the bounty on Fennec Shand, an assassin who has been on the run ever since the New Republic put all her employers in lockdown.

They agree that Toro gets credit for the capture in order to get into the guild while Mando gets to keep all the bounty credits. The next scene offers us a fantastic view of the Zephyr-G Swoop speeder bikes from the Attack of the Clones.

They negotiate passage through the Dune Sea with Tusken Raiders using a kind of sign language to communicate. This by far was the coolest thing in the episode. There should be much more alien language communications in Star Wars and this was an excellent example of how it can be done well.

The rest of the story plays out as one would expect when the deal sounds ‘too good to be true.’ There’s a shoot out with the assassin and they lose one of the speeders but capture Fennic. The Mandalorian goes off to get the dewback they spotted earlier so they have some way to transport their bounty.

Fennic convinces the slow and weak-fighting Toro that Mando is more valuable to him that she is and gets herself shot for her trouble. He races off in the only functioning speeder to capture the baby. Toro holds the child at gunpoint thinking he’s won out over the Mandalorian.

He doesn’t.

But now the Mandalorian has the credits to pay Peli and his ship is repaired and prepped for another journey.

Though she’s shot at close range there is a capped figure whose face remains concealed that returns to get her indicating she might still be alive. She’s amazing and all we can say is, more Ming, please! It would be such a waste not to bring her back.

That was our Chapter 5 recap if you liked it, or found it interesting be sure to leave a comment below and come back for more episode recaps because we can’t get enough of that kid.


The winner of the best lines goes to Peli Motto this episode:

“Womp rat.” (to the Mandalorian)

“Did that bounty hunter leave you all alone in that big nasty ship?” (to the child)

“I’m going to charge him extra for watching you.” (to the child)

If you’re loving the recaps comment below with your favorite line OR scene from Chapter 5.