The Mandalorian Chapter 3: The Sin


This month we’re looking back over each episode of the Mandalorian. Some of us just need an excuse to watch it again. *ahem* Moving right along.

Chapter 3 begins with the Mandalorian brings us and the child back to Nevarro and gets paid. Baby Yoda wants to play with the small ball at the top of his lever but Mando takes it away from him because it’s not a toy.

 Greef Karga’s blatant showing off his Beskar payment might be too much for Mando. Beskar being a natural resource of the Mandalorian homeworld, stolen and stamped by the now fallen Empire. Makes this a bit of a rub. Speaking of rub, Greef recommends that Mando relax get a camtono of spice and then he won’t be so worried about the ‘kid.’

What is a camtono? It’s that ice-cream bucket that the client gives Mando in exchange for Baby Yoda just a couple of scenes ago. The famous bucket that was seen in the arms of Willrow Hood as he ran in the Empire Strikes Back. It’s used for holding anything precious. The spice is mentioned in many of the movies and books. It’s an illicit substance used for medicine then turned into a recreational drug. It was found on Kessel where the Wookiee were enslaved and forced to mine it.

While getting his armor redone from his bars of beskar we learn that the other Mandalorians, like Paz Vizla, don’t like the Imperial stamped bars of beskar as a reminder of the Great Purge they suffered. A fight breaks out between Mando and the Heavy Mandalorian that grabs at his helmet. The fight doesn’t disturb the amorist in any way, but when she speaks they listen. She asks Mando if he or anyone has ever removed his helmet. When he says no she’s the first the speak the iconic line “This is the way.” It is uttered after any Mandalorian truth or creed is spoken.

The best part of the episode happens when Mando gets back on his shuttle to leave and pauses to fiddle with the small ball that Baby Yoda wanted to play with all the time. At this moment, there’s a shift in his priorities and he comes to the point where he decides that Baby Yoda is probably better off with him than where he was dropped off.

The rest of the episode is Mando getting back Baby Yoda and escaping Nevarro. Dr Pershing is with the child who is strapped to a bed. The symbol on his uniform looks like the same one from the Clone Wars series Kamino cloning facility. It doesn’t come easy as he’ll have to shoot his way out both from the ‘client’s’ den surrounded by stormtroopers as well as the other bounty hunters including Greef Karga.

It seems he’s outnumbered when the other Mandalorians come to his rescue wearing jet packs to which he says, “I gotta get one of those.” There’s even a little Iron Man moment when one of the flying Mandalorians flies alongside him and salutes. Thanks, Favreau!

Mando and Baby Yoda have escaped and are safe for now as they race off into space. When Mando hands the baby the small ball that he took from him earlier we see that small act as another crack in his hard exterior widening as he grows closer and more fond of the baby.


“This is the way.” – Mandalorians

“Cause I’m your only hope.” – Greef Karga

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