The Death of Chadwick Boseman and The Black Panther?

On the evening of August 28, 2020 we lost one of the most iconic actors in the Marvel Universe to date, Chadwick Boseman to colon cancer.

The forty-two-year-old actor brought the Black Panther story to life in the movie of the same name in 2018 along with other Marvel blockbusters like Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity and Avengers: Endgame.

While most of the world has been dealing with the fall out of the COVID-19 pandemic he was nearing the end of his four-year fight with colon cancer. His family was at his side at the time of his death and issued a statement to the Associated Press.

Boseman often spoke of the privilege he felt having a part in telling the story of the Black Panther, since there are so few African-American stories brought to larger viewing audiences.

Of course, with his passing, we will miss his portrayal of the Black Panther in any of the future Marvel franchise films, but if you have either Netflix or Disney Plus as of the writing of this article, you’ll be able to rewatch his outstanding performances in the role of Black Panther.

It is our hope, that the story of the Black Panther that Boseman cherished as much as his fans, will continue. We mourn with the rest of the world as we remember the amazing spirit he brought to the screen.

We send our sincerest condolences to Boseman’s family and loved ones.

“Wakanda Forever!”

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