The Darkside of Superheroes

Are the portrayals of superheroes becoming too dark?

With new shows like The Gifted, The Umbrella Academy, and Titans you may be wondering, how dark are things going to get?

Dysfunctional alliances are in. Campy superheroes you can watch with your kids are out. These new shows have a lot of content for parents to consider before sitting down to watch these with more impressionable minds.

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The dark realistic feel seems to be a big draw these days. Families with real issues and young people with problems ‘adulting’ abound. The themes of family and survival through uniting are strong.

Like every good superhero show, these have also got your extraordinary abilities directly opposed by villains to match.

When it comes to blockbuster movies it’s more of the same. Leaving the question: Captain Marvel or Dark Phoenix? Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re going to see both just like us!

Comment below if you’ve got something to say about it. Are you down with the dysfunctional hero or is it your jam?

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  1. I must admit, I like the humorous and campy, such as the original Batman series with Adam West. I do appreciate later interpretations of the character, such as the version in which he has been learning ninja skills(though you don’t have to go to a distant mountain and be called Grasshopper to learn those these days), but the character was inspired by Zorro anyway, and that was a romp. Superman with George Reeves and Christopher Reeve were both good fun, as were the first couple of seasons of slots and Clarke, but good heavens, they have been turning the character depressingly grim in recent years! So… good fun superheroes for mr, thanks!

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