Star Trek ~First Contact


It’s been awhile since we’ve seen this one but we ended up having a night in with friends and a little Star Trek.

“How can anyone forget Data kissing that borg?”

I’m not sure but somehow, I didn’t remember it.

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Most of the movie was a blur to me and I figured it was because it was one of the movies I haven’t seen a dozen times like some of the others.

First Contact, introduces the founder of warp, who also makes an appearance in a later movie. This movie was a combination of typical TNG humor as well as what happened to Picard after his experience with the Borg. Of course, there would be residual effects and it was nice to see them play that up in this movie.

The filming of this movie was extremely dark. I’m not sure why they picked such a dark theme. It might have been due to the plot but watching it again, it reminded me of Discovery. No, I’m not still watching it. I’m still a huge fan of the franchise but I’ve gone into my main reasons for not watching and you and read about them in another post.

I don’t like what they did with Data’s character in this film. I found that the heavy-handed philosophy of ’emotions are what make us bad,’ a little too much to swallow at times.

Not sure that this movie will ever be on my favorites list, except when talking about the Borg queen. I believe she’s my favorite Star Trek villain. She added a creepiness to the maternal characterization of the Borg hive.

Which is your favorite Star Trek movie with the TNG cast?



  1. This one, actually! I liked the humour. I loved the whole Zephrem Cochrane thing, though he was definitely not the Cochrane we knew from the ordinary Gina’s series episode. It was hilarious watching Geordie doing that fanboy thing with ZC, irritating him, and poor Deanna having to get drunk to speak with him. (Someone recently asked Marina Sirtis on Twitter what was her favourite scene as Deanna and she said it was that one.) And then the terribly dignified Vulcans arriving, only to be given a shock when th music was turned up loud… The their TNG movies were, IMO, meh at best.

    If you’d asked for favourite Trek film in general, it would be the fourth one, The Voyage Home, a beautiful film, closely followed by The Wrath Of Khan.

    1. Good answer!

  2. Sorry, that was original series!

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