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How much wizard power is too much?

Some people are born with magical powers.

Others are not.

It’s that simple.

Roland Tyre, High Wizard of the Citadel, has always wanted to be the most powerful wizard in the land and adored by all.  But there is already someone else that vies for that title – Bakari, the Dragon King; one of his best friends.

While Bakari and the dragon riders race off to find the lost dragon artifacts and the mythical golden dragon, Roland discovers his own magical artifact that gives him the opportunity to increase his own powers and influence in the land.

Can friendships survive greed for power?  And who will emerge as the most powerful wizard in the land?

A grand adventure awaits with powerful wizards, kidnappings, traitors, kingdoms changing hands, and of course dragons and other magical creatures.

Is the Golden Dragon real and if so, who will find him first?.
This is a follow-on series to The Alaris Chronicles, but can be read as a stand-alone series also.


Only the strong can withstand the flames.

Enter 9 unique fantasy worlds and enjoy epic tales of mysterious dragons and tough-as-nails characters.

Crusade with draconian pirates, fly with dragons in a parallel world, and scale temples with dragons hungry for power-enhancing artifacts.

Discover magical realms packed with action and adventure in this collection from USA Today and award-winning authors when you download your copy of SCALES and FLAMES today!

Featuring stories from:

USA Today bestselling author, Catherine Banks
Award winning author, Katherine Bogle
T.M. Davis
USA Today bestselling author, Jen L. Grey
USA Today bestselling author, Nicole Kelley
L. Alexandra Long
J.D. Monroe
Malek Montag
International bestselling author, Carma Haley Shoemaker


From a whisper of smoke … to an apocalypse of fire.

Skeggi has been raising his brothers ever since their parents died last year. One respite from his never-ending work is the time he spends with his sword-friends, learning to fight and fly dragons. But during battle-practice on dragonback, Skeggi accidentally stumbles upon an invasion force of Danes preparing to attack his city, and all hell breaks loose.

As the city prepares for war, Skeggi and his friends are sent on a mission to bring back the Queen’s daughter. The sword-friends run into the forest on a perilous journey. Not only must they rescue the Queen’s daughter, but they must escape the wrath of the Dane’s commander, Iron Skull, one of the most dangerous men of Viking legend. The sword-friends have found someone that Iron Skull considers more valuable than gold—his thrall girl. And now he is hunting them to get her back.

The sword-friends are going to be hard-pressed to get back to Skala … if they even survive the journey.


60 Years of Existence — GONE

Unless one kid can outrun and outsmart the man who would destroy everything…

Winston Chase has nothing but an old photo to prove he ever had a whole family. One day, though, a gym class showdown exposes an inexplicable mystery and ignites a long-feared chain of events. Winston’s search for answers reveals clues and strange artifacts left by his old man — clues that lead deep into America’s wartime past and artifacts clearly not man-made. With only his friend Shade to aid him, Winston must discover the truth of his own beginnings and claim his father’s legacy before the world falls to a would-be tyrant.

If you love pulse-pounding adventure spiced with high stakes and wicked snark, dive into the Winston Chase universe!


A planet on the brink of destruction.
A journey through uncharted space.
A terrorist plot to destroy them all.

Young captain Dana Pinet is tasked with guiding the elite crew and passengers of the starship Hope in their search for a new home. With terrorist attacks, an ex-boyfriend serving as her first officer, and an inexperienced captain, what could go wrong?


Dana will have to put her past aside, keep a government conspiracy a secret, and lead a remnant of humans to a new home against all odds of survival.

Voyager meets Farscape in this heartwarming sci-fi odyssey.

Get your copy today!


 The Black Dragon’s War is over, but the world has more trouble awaiting just below the surface. As the people of Aurion celebrate the defeat of the black dragon, magical energy continues to emanate from the dwarven ruins at Duroc’s Refuge. Orc Chieftain Theros is tormented by the loss of his brother, but his concern for his people pushes him to action. The mighty warrior is joined by four other brave warriors who descend into the depths of the mountain keep to stop the catastrophic buildup of energy. Their dark journey has already uncovered centuries old secrets, and the deeper they penetrate the ruins, the more perilous the journey becomes. Their world – and others – will be changed forever…