Pure Fiction Wish It Was Real: A-Z Wrap Up

If this is your first A-Z post here at Dragons & Spaceships please go to the A-Z posts link above to review everything we covered, it was fantastic fun to have so much engagement from other bloggers this month.

There were so many of us participating that it was difficult to get to all of them but here’s a recap of my stats this year.

  • Participating Blogs: 685
  • Blogs Visited: 280
  • My Comments: 108

Why do blogs participate in this A to Z blogging challenge?

  1. To build up a better writing habit. Develop more content.
  2. To link up with other bloggers who write the kind of posts that you do. Reach out to bloggers who are more experienced than you and learn something new.
  3. To reach more readers. To get more interaction.

If you have a blog and you’re interested in participating next April here is the link to their blog: Blogging From A to Z.

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Now we want to open it up to you.

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