Pure Fiction But We Wish It Was Real: Y-Wing Starfighter

As I mentioned I’ve been obessessed with Clone Wars on Netflix and since D&S is all about the spaceships, I wanted to include one here.

Imagine being the son or daughter of a starfighter pilot and having the inheritance of a ship capable of performing bombing runs against other ships and ground targets. 

It’s an older model but was often used in dogfights during the Clone Wars. But like most things in history they were built to last and the pilots who were outlived by their ships could pass them on to their children.

I imagine that in the future the ships that we build may be very much like these in the sense that they will last for generations. 

If you’ve ever wanted to be a pilot this is the kind of ship that would make you happy. You’d be able to defend the republic with this ol’boy.

Want to be a starfighter? Which is your favorite ship and why?

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T.S. Valmond is the science fiction and young adult fantasy author of The Bolaji Kingdoms Series and The Verity Chronicles. As an award-winning poet, world traveler, and sign language interpreter she uses her experiences to fuel her stories. She’s a regular contributor to the website and founder of the Riders & Flyers group.


  1. Well, how cool is this! You go StarGirl…what a fun fantasy. Thanks for stopping by my Yard post!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  2. Now that’s a thought, ships that are passed on for generations. That would be quite the inheritance.

  3. I love the idea of something being built to last that long! WOW. My heart is heavy at the amount of garbage us humans create, we need creations like this!

  4. my favorite ship is the Milano from the MCU movies..the one used by Peter Quil & his gang

    1. Oh nice choice!

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