Pure Fiction But We Wish It Was Real: N is for Neuralizer

Remember that moment when you accidentally flashed your first-grade chest to your class during Valentine’s Day show-and-tell because your favorite shirt had buttons that wouldn’t stay closed?


Just me?

After dramatically bursting into tears and being pulled aside by the teacher to get myself together. One of my male classmates came up and offered me a valentine and said the words I’d never forget: 

“I didn’t see a thing.”

His name I couldn’t tell you. I don’t even remember the name of my teacher. But his words of comfort have lasted until this day, many years later.

There are embarrassing moments in life where we wish we could go back in time.  Though as we’ve already discussed, time travel can be a tricky and fickle thing. 

What if we could make everyone in the room forget what they saw?

Enter Men in Black’s  neuralyzer sometimes spelled as neuralizer. It is one of the signature tools and considered standard issue. The device is about the size of an average pen that gives a bright flash which began red and is now blue. Depending on which setting you chose, erases the memories of the past hours, days, weeks, months or years. It first appeared in the first issue of the comic book series, and has appeared in all three films, as well as the animated TV series.

You don’t have to share your most embarrassing moments but tell us about a “friend” who may have wanted to erase everyone else’s memories and keep their own?

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T.S. Valmond is the science fiction and young adult fantasy author of The Bolaji Kingdoms Series and The Verity Chronicles. As an award-winning poet, world traveler, and sign language interpreter she uses her experiences to fuel her stories. She’s a regular contributor to the website and founder of the Riders & Flyers group.


  1. I love Men in Black movies, and it’s always quite fun when they use their neuralizer 😉 I don’t – sorry, my friend – couldn’t remember any embarrassing moments, maybe her brain has delated them already? ;))

  2. Ah, a neuralyzer would be so handy! I’m not sure these days though if I’d want to use it for embarrassing moments, or to ease moments of excruciating heartache. I’ve had far too many of the latter in the past five years.

    1. Oh no! I’m a hopeless romantic so I get it. The good thing about keeping the memories, however, is that you can learn from them.

  3. Sounds very appealing to be sure, and I love it in the Men in Black movies… But I just remind myself that chances are no one else remembers my embarrassing moments anyway. I’m really just not the center of their lives!
    Black and White: N is for Ninki Nanka

    1. So true!

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