Oh My Orville!

Did you give any thought to watching the first season of Orville?

We didn’t at first either but now we think you should too. Here’s why…

Characters with Heart

Somethings that have been missing from many of the programs on TV today are characters that we can rally behind. This show has a variety of characters with various qualities we care about. Every week you are anxious to see more and more about the characters that drew us in from the very first episode.

Controversial Stories

Like the original space epics we’ve enjoyed as kids this show questions social norms making us actually think about the things we just accept as “the way they are.” At the same time, they challenge our ideas about “entertainment” on many levels.

Spaceships and Aliens

What’s cooler than new bad to the bone aliens and a new fleet of space-worthy ships?


The ships are beautiful and the aliens are ugly. What’s not to like?

Still on the fence about watching Orville? Don’t take our word for it, give it a try.

Already love the show? Which episode was your favorite? Which one made you think?

Please leave your comments below.