New on Netflix: Lost in Space

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Are you eagerly awaiting the second season of Lost in Space? You should be.


A family from Earth is bound for another planet along with a large group of colonist when their transport is attacked. The family is forced into a smaller shuttlecraft and crashland neighboring planet. The story follows their struggles to survive and find out what happened to the transport and the other passengers.



If you haven’t seen the original show or the remake you don’t have to go back and review them to follow what’s happening here. This is a brand new and modern take on the older premise with a less campy design and more diverse characters and character arcs.

With the use of flashbacks and carefully worded dialogue, the writers of this show have been able to tell a very compelling story. It captures the imaginations of a new generation and manages to add an intensity that makes this show binge-worthy.


After every episode, your mind will be racing to try and figure out what’s next. If you’ve got a weekend for this one we highly recommend it.

Have you seen it? Comment below.

Haven’t seen it? Don’t look, there may be spoilers in the comments.



  1. No! I don’t have Netflix. Probably won’t for some time. Is it really that good? I remember the original from my childhood. Very silly stuff, but watching it again as an adult, I enjoy it more. As you say, very campy 1960s stuff and you get the fun of noticing big name actors appearing as guests – Michael Ansara and Michael Rennie, for example, and that guy who used to play head waiters in 1940s films, noted for the pop pop thing he did with his mouth, forget his name, which he did in Lost In Space, even, in one episode, Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet … and, of course, that John Williams score, long before Star Wars was dreamed of… However good this remake is, and I’m prepared to believe you there, I suspect it will never achieve the immortality of the campy 60s version. 😏

  2. Most Netflix produced shows have been mediocre. Lost in space however I found to be engaging exciting and couldn’t wait for the next episode.

    I can’t wait for the next season to begin.

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