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Ladyhawk is a classic from 1985. With the loss of Rutger Hauer, many are talking about why this fantasy stands the test of time.

Hardly the beginning of the shapeshifter fantasy this one gives all the feels of cursed lovers separated by cruelty. Fans of the modern-day Shrek will recognize the curse of looking one way by day and another by night.

Michelle Pfeiffer is the Ladyhawk. As the name describes she becomes a hawk by day while her counterpart and lost love, Ruger Hauer is a wolf by night. Though they occupy different forms there is enough of who they are inside to remain together.

When both the male and female leads in the story are transformed into two different kinds of animals and you understand why, there is an immediate heartwrenching reaction.

By the time the young thief, played by the wide-eyed Matthew Broderick, gets on board with a plan to help them, we can’t wait to see justice served.

Overall the storytelling in this epic is solid. The bits of humor from Broderick add a voice to the ‘everyman’ vibe in the story.

Want a fantasy with humor, heart, and a HEA? Don’t miss out on this one.

We give this fantasy story a rating of 4.5 🐲🐲🐲🐲dragons.

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