Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II (Review)

“I am Groot.”

There’s something about creating a character that doesn’t have to say more than three words and still snatch your heart by the strings and reel you in.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 did something in Hollywood that I’ve so rarely seen that I had to comment on it. The curse of the sequel is completely dead. This movie, if I dare say it out loud, is better than the first one. Yeah, I said it, it’s better.

The first movie established our characters and this second movie takes them to the ultimate level by making each and every one of them shine. Especially, our champion from the last movie, Groot.

This second installment of Guardians has forever put them on the list of ‘must see’ movies in the Marvel universe.

What was the last movie, book, or TV show you saw with a supporting character that stole the stage every time they appeared?