Fairytale Retellings: Reflections on 2020

This month we’re doing a series called the A-Z blogging challenge where we dive into Fairytale Retellings and provide prompts for writers. Writers are the people making the books, television shows, and movies of tomorrow. For more information on the challenge check out my earlier post here.

This third year of the A-Z blogging challenge was a blast and I’m so happy that so many of you took part in the prompts. They were as fun to make as they were to read.

It was difficult to get to all the websites this year, there are just so many. I noticed very few blogs this year that are similar to this one. Which got me to wondering?

Where else do people go to talk about all things science fiction and fantasy? There are Facebook groups but that seems a poor substitute for long-form content.

Perhaps long-form is on the way out and shorter content is better. However, last year the posts were quite short and there was a lot less engagement. Fair to say, however, I didn’t get out to visit as many blogs during the month as I wanted to as well.

Now’s the time to consider what to do with this blog over the next year. So I’m going to open up the question to you the reader. Is there anything you’d like to see in the coming year? More movies, television, or books? Short stories, trivia, or just the facts? Now’s the time to be heard if you have any ideas drop them in the comments below.

Here’s a recap of all the Fairytales that we covered this April 2020:

  1. Aladdin
  2. Beauty & The Beast
  3. Cinderella
  4. Dragon & the Prince
  5. Elsa from (Frozen)
  6. Frog Prince
  7. Gretel & Hansel
  8. Hood (Robin)
  9. Islands (Treasure)
  10. Jack & the Beanstalk
  11. King Arthur & the Knights of the Roundtable
  12. Little Mermaid
  13. Mulan
  14. Neverland
  15. Once Upon A Time
  16. Pinocchio
  17. Queens
  18. Rapunzel
  19. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
  20. Tinker Bell
  21. Ugly Duckling
  22. Valkyrie
  23. Wonderland (Alice)
  24. X – Crossovers
  25. Yellow Dwarf
  26. Zelena (The Wicked Witch of the West)

This year’s stats:

Total Blogs: 510

Blogs I personally visited so far: 129

Previous Years’ Themes:

2019 Theme: Technology We Wish Was Real

2018 Theme: Book to Movie Adaptations

For more blogs participating in A to Z 2020 click the link here.


T.S. Valmond is the science fiction and young adult fantasy author of The Bolaji Kingdoms Series and The Verity Chronicles. As an award-winning poet, world traveler, and sign language interpreter she uses her experiences to fuel her stories. She’s a regular contributor to the website and founder of the Riders & Flyers group.


  1. Wow! I am sorry I missed this during the challenge. I just sent this link to my writer daughter and my fairy tale obsessed daughter. Now my writer daughter also loves fairy tales and my fairy tale daughter also writes so try not to get too confused. I’ll be sure and catch up on some of your stuff now that the challenge is over and regular breathing has ensued.

    1. Aww, thanks, Dave! No worries, it’s never too late. That’s what I love about this challenge. I find other bloggers to visit all year long. Thanks for taking the time to come visit mine.

  2. Fairytales were fun, even if I didn’t comment on each. Great challenge, but I can’t answer your question about where are the others Sf writers…

    1. All good you were a constant source of joy this year and I appreciate how active you were this month. I don’t know how you got to all those blogs. I’ll be visiting A-Z blogs until the end of the year 🙂

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