Facial Recognition Technology: What Could Go Wrong?

Hotels in the near future will have more and more features like the one in this video. Facial recognition isn’t just on your phones. If you’ve seen movies like Minority Report or even Fast and the Furious you’ve seen how the technology can be used to track down a person in a city of millions.

So what could possibly go wrong?!

Like the two movies mentioned above, technology can be used to hunt down ANYONE. Facial recognition doesn’t have to make the decision if you’re innocent or guilty it only has to find you. That’s probably why we’re drawn to the stories that show us how many different ways it can go wrong.

Frightening? Perhaps you’re thinking, no. This technology is going to make my life so much easier. Besides even in this video it is stated clearly that the photos taken by the hotel won’t be kept longer than the duration of your stay. However, that doesn’t mean that governments world-wide aren’t already tapped into those cameras and using them to track down criminals.

Before you think: ‘Well, I’m not a criminal, I don’t have to worry about it.’ Let me remind you that though the technology is primarily used for making your life easier if it’s technology then there’s a criminal somewhere thinking up ways to hack it.

What does that mean for us? We’re never going to use facial technology? Nah! Too late you already are. An older version can be found in your driver’s license and your passport. So it’s time to roll with the times and get ready for the latest in modern convenience.

So we put the question to you Riders & Flyers: Facial recognition, what could possibly go wrong? Comment below and look for our poll on Thursday for a chance to vote on the topic.

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