The Mandalorian Chapter 4: Sanctuary


The episode begins with the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda looking for a place to rest and hide.

Directed by Dallas Bryce Howard, we are introduced to new characters and old Star Wars technology. Howard does a great job directing this episode and it flows seamlessly with the other episodes.

On the run, The Mandalorian searches for a planet where he and the child can lay low away and find ‘sanctuary’ from the other hunters. They arrive on Sorgan, a planet he calls a “backwater skug-hole.”

The common house they enter has bone broth for the child and after paying for more information about a woman that Mando seems to recognize the proprietor offers him a spotchka- a blue liquid beverage made from Krill.

He follows the woman in green out the back and using infrared tech he follows her tracks until she gets the drop on him. They have a most excellent fight until the two are at gun point and in a surprise twist he offers her a bowl of bone broth.

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Our complete unbiased opinion on the previous scene is that: Gina Carano’s physique and actual MMA fight experience makes this scene the gem that it is. Thank you casting director for choosing a believable fight between two experienced fighters where one is not a half-starved-stick-figure-cover-model.

We later learn the woman he’s met is a former shock trooper, Cara Dune. After chatting about her past fighting in the battle of Endor for the Rebel Alliance and fighting ‘imps’ short for imperials she’s decided instead of working for the New Republic she preferred retirement.

Is her use of the term ‘imps’ also a subtle nod to the Star Wars fan film by the same name (I.M.P.S. The Relentless)?


Despite her civil and professional courtesy she basically tells him to get lost since this world is already taken.

On their way off-world Mando is approached by some local krill farmers who had trouble with a band of Klatooinians (Klatooinians also make an appearance in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.) who raided their small village in the middle of no where. Seeing it as an opportunity to extend their stay, Mando takes on the job and enlists the help of Cara Dune.

On a scouting mission they discover that their band of Klatooinians are in possession of an AT-ST walker. The large machine is capable of destroying their entire village which is why both Cara Dune and Mando recommend they leave the village rather than go up against it.

Instead of leaving they choose to stay and fight alongside the hunter and the ex-soldier. While among the villagers Mando develops a kind of relationship with a widow named Omera with a child. It is clear that the Mandalorian has feelings for her when he shields her from gunfire at the end.

images may be subject to copyright: Lucasfilm 2019

It’s a subtle shift and surprise to learn that during the training of the villagers the widow Omera happens to be the best shooter of them all. This reveals that her story goes deeper than is revealed in the episode leaving us with questions. Was she a former rebel fighter? How did her husband die? Would she make Mando a good wife? -Oops getting a little ahead there.

When the fight ensues the villagers with the help of the two trained fighters bring down the red-eyed AT-ST and defeat the raiders. Now that they’ve won, Mando asks the widow if the child can stay. She agrees and asks if he’d like to stay. Mando says he doesn’t belong and you get the feeling he believes he never could.

However, when another bounty hunter tracks them to the village it’s not safe for either of them and they pack up to leave. Can we talk about how cute the baby Yoda puppet is again? No? Not yet?

Okay, but if you’re wanting more information about how they make those adorable baby sounds click here or on the image above.


“So, we’re bascially, running off a band of raiders for lunch money?” – Cara Dune

“You want some soup?” – The Mandalorian

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