The Mandalorian Chapter 2: The Child

This month we’re looking back over each episode of the Mandalorian. Some of us just need an excuse to watch it again.

The second chapter of the Mandalorian opens with the iconic scene of the Mandalorian walking through an open cavern with the baby in a small floating pod that follows him.

Can we talk about the music? I mean, that iconic Mandalorian theme with classic western undertones. Don’t get me started on that flute composition. Thank you, Ludwig Göransson. (We also love what you did in Black Panther).

The Mandalorian is ambushed and learns that the bounty for baby Yoda is still up for grabs and he’s going to have to fight off other bounty hunters to keep him.

After the ambush, the Mandalorian spends the night repairing his armor and while tending his wounds the child climbs out of his floating pod and waddles over lifting his hand in the air toward him.

It’s the first time he tries to heal someone. After two failed attempts to try and heal him, the Mandalorian not understanding what’s up with the little guy and puts him back in the pod and closes it so he can’t climb out again.

Next, the Mandalorian runs into Jawas stripping his ship for parts. Kuiil convinces him that in order to get them back he’ll need to trade. After several tries, they land on ‘the egg.’ They’re willing to give him every part they took in exchange for just one.

The egg is a literal egg from a beast with a horn-like a rhino and fur like a mammoth. The beat-down that the Mandalorian endures is epic and painful.

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After the beating by the furry rhino, the child takes matters into his own tiny hands. He uses every bit of mental ability he has to levitate the beast off the ground.

At that moment, the Mandalorian is able to defeat the beast with a small knife. He limps back with his prize and trades it for the parts from his ship, while the baby sleeps.

Oddly, enough the egg is some kind of delicacy. They slice it open and dig in eating the yoke with their hands. This scene evokes a definite difference in tone from one youngling (the already ‘hatched’ baby Yoda) to another unhatched (the unborn rhino-mammoth).

While the baby sleeps The Mandalorian and his friend Kuiil retrieve all the parts and together repair his ship, the Razor Crest.

The Mandalorian is prepared to leave when Kuiil says: “May the child bring you a rich reward. I have spoken.” The child doesn’t wake until they are in space on their way back to Nevarro.

Check back next week for Chapter 3: The Sin. If you missed Chapter 1: The Mandalorian check it out here.

Favorite Lines:

“I’m a  Mandalorian weapons are part of my religion.”

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