Chapter 1: The Mandalorian


This month we’re going to be looking back over each episode of the Mandalorian. Hope you liked it as much as we did.

“Chapter 1” opens with the Mandalorian on the hunt for his next bounty. We see what a typical-day-in-the-life is for this bounty hunter. He’s a no-nonsense, mysterious character with seemingly no sense of humor and no tolerance for droids.

There’s a brief mention of ‘Life Day.’ This is a deep cut from a Star Wars special where Wookie’s celebrated it. Want to host your own party? Check out the link here.

He does the job and gets paid, that’s the way he works. The moment that changes everything happens when he gets a job that promises to pay more than all the rest but it’s ‘off the books.’

There’s no identification code like the others, this one is mysterious and they want only the best. Our Mandalorian has already proven his skill and ability by the number of bounties he has and the quick turn around time in which he’s able to accomplish it.

When he meets with the client and they say the target is 50 years old and gives him a fob with a partial code. He’s convinced the Mandalorian can still get the job done. The Mandalorian is given a beskar bar for the down payment. The Client says that the beskar rightfully belongs to the Mandalorians. (More on this later).

The Mandalorian takes the job and the bar and goes to a female armorist working below the city. His stroll through the city is filled with familiar species from the Star Wars movies and all the feels of a well-worn future.

We learn that the beskar bar becomes a shiny new piece of his armor in this scene. He is asked if his signant has been ‘revealed.’ When he says ‘no’ she says ‘soon.’ Signants seem to represent a Mandalorian’s family or family line.

As they talk of Foundlings he reveals that he himself was a Foundling and she says ‘I know.’ The flashback he experiences while she works at this moment come in flashes of his parents being fired at and then hiding him. The full scene will slowly be revealed over the season.

He’s off to get his bounty when he runs into An Ugnaught named Kuiil. He saves the Mandalorian from a couple of blurrgs (large round-backed creatures as ornery as a bull also seen in the 1985 Ewok movie.) Kuiil then tells him if he wants to succeed where those before him have failed he’ll need to learn to ride a blurrg the way he does.

There’s a deep cut reference to Mandalorian history here that should not be overlooked. The leader of the Mandalorians was known as the Mand’alor, translating to “Sole Ruler” and was rendered as “Mandalore” in Basic. Mythosaurs were an enormous sized animal conquered by the warrior known as Mandalore the First. Once the beasts were slaughtered to extinction, the skull of the mythosaur became the symbol of all things Mandalorian.

Accepting the challenge and the help, there is a hilarious montage of the Mandalorian training on the blurrgs before seeking out his quarry. A nearby valley with a heavily guarded compound is where the bounty is being held.

The Mandalorian scopes out the scene and finds a stand-off between an IG droid, who’s called IG-11 and the guards. The two eventually team up and fight off the guards together and agree to split the bounty.

However, when the asset is discovered to be an infant with alien origins (by far the best reveal of the episode) the two disagree on what to do next. IG-11 was told to bring back proof of asset termination. While the Mandalorian was told dead or alive and in this case isn’t comfortable killing a baby. The Mandalorian kills off the droid when he refuses to see reason and reaches out a finger to the baby.

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Favorite lines from this episode were:

“We have four to one.”– Trooper

“I like those odds.” – Mandalorian

“I have spoken.” – Kuiil

Did you have a favorite moment in this episode? Comment below with your thoughts and check out Episode 2.