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A-Z Challenge X-Men

X is for X-Men

This comic book world created by Stan Lee is a well known hit in Marvel circles. The movies have been around for over a decade and with new fans cropping up all the time these mutants will be forever on our list, with movie, cartoon, and video game adaptations to keep up entertained. When is the next X-men movie coming, anyway?

Comic book 7 series of Days of Future past Collection:

You already know what we’re going to ask you…which mutant powers do you want? What would you do with them?


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  1. Please don’t forget that Jack Kirby was also integral to the origin of many, if not all, of the original Marvel heroes. Stan Lee is def a known name, but King Kirby should be on equal footing.

    1. Agreed! Good point, thank you for mentioning him.

  2. I appreciate the premise of X-Men, that the unique mutation reveals itself at puberty, and then the individual has to come to terms with it, the strength and weakness of it. Makes for good stories.

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