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A-Z Challenge War of the Worlds

W is for War of the Worlds

This is the second mention by H.G. Wells. War of the Worlds began as a radio show that was told so well, that it scared people out of their homes running in the streets for fear of aliens. The movie is just as gripping and even if you’re not a fan of Tom Cruise you’ll want to make time for this one. It’s a strong performance and amazing story.


As Earth is invaded by alien tripod fighting machines, one family fights for survival.

How much did this story freak you out the first time? Where would you go during an alien invasion? Comments welcome below.




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  1. I’ve seen both versions and have the radio play on CD somewhere! It came with a book about the film. Did you know that the actors who played as the hero and heroine of the original version did a cameo as the parents in the Tom Cruise version?

    I did think the red growth in the later version was impressive, but I prefer the original. Where indeed would you go during an alien invasion? Into a bunker, perhaps?

    1. Nice little easter egg there!

  2. The original movie version was far superior. Much scarier. The remake was a movie about Cruise more than the invasion.

    1. Thanks for that honest critique. I think a remake of the radio version is worth exploring. Not sure if there’s a way to replicate the way they shook everyone with their ‘realistic’ portrayal of events, though.

  3. Spielberg’s War of the Worlds is so suspenseful and scary. Really good film.

    1. Personally, not a huge Tom Cruise fan but every once in awhile he does something REALLY good. This was one of those times.

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