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A-Z Challenge The Time Machine

T is for The Time Machine

The Time Machine was adapted for radio into a show called Escape back in 1948. It was adapted into a comic book series and to television twice. Two movie versions of the book are also well known. Wells is a favorite of D & S and we recommend if you haven’t read this story you’re missing a lot. Give it a try and although the latest movie wasn’t a blockbuster we’re thinking of tracking down the BBC’s radio dramatization of the story.


What did you think of the book and movies?


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  1. I’ve read the book several times since I discovered it in my school library as a teen. I loved the 1948 film and really can’t see the point of that remake.

    T Is For P.L Travers and Shaun Tan

  2. I read it way back when. Love the idea of a time machine. I have a perfect spot in my home for one.

    1. I have a small place, but a Tardis would fit.

  3. I bet the radio dramatization would be fabulous to listen to – I think the story is perfectly suited for that.

  4. I’ve seen the film, quite possibly two of them. There is such a fascination with time travel the theme continues, like in Back to the Future, although quite a different story.

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