3 Reasons we don’t like Discovery’s Michael Burnam

3 episodes into Star Trek Discovery now let’s talk.

The things that they did right about this show making it a must-see:

They’ve kept the plots complex and interesting from episode to episode

They’ve kept the aliens complex and interesting.

They brought in some well-known actors and actresses for major and minor roles.

Bonus points for their attention detail and special effects. It feels like watching a movie every week.

Some things that will either pan out or flop:

Another prequel, gag! Is the industry so tired that they don’t want to discover something new? (pun not intended)

War with the Klingons, eh. This sort of goes back to the previous issue of the prequel. Old aliens old issues, we already know the outcome so making the overall storyline interesting is going to be difficult. Their appearance

The biggest problem is a likable protagonist. We’ve waited a long time for a woman of color to enter the scene and take a lead roll in the Star Trek franchise.

So why does she have to be a cold, socially inept, rebel, who’s human but thinks she’s a Vulcan?

Not only that, for someone raised to value logic she doesn’t seem to have a handle on any.

She continues to make the same social and professional mistakes again and again. Leaving the watcher wondering if she’s ever going to learn. (Sorry that felt like more than three reasons 🙂

Is this just character arc? We hope so.

Here’s what we do know. We’re going to keep watching because it’s Star Trek. We’ve got our eye on our new protagonist. We’re sure the writers have something interesting planned for why she’s named Michael. Can her more annoying qualities be redeemed?

We’ll see.

What do you think of Star Trek Discovery? Disagree with us?

Answer in the comments below.